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VARIOPRINT optimises the coating of drill holes

beschichtungen von bohrungenIn order to be able to coat even complex inner geometries, VARIOPRINT has developed new system solutions on the basis of the pad printing method. With these, drill holes can be precisely coated with solid film lubricants, release agents, oil, adhesives, paints, etc.



An expandable pad roll is mounted on a rotatable pin, which is mounted on the pad axle of an electrically driven VARIOPRINT pad printing machine. The circumference and width of the drill hole to be printed has been evenly applied to the printing block. With the printing process, the printing pin is applied parallel on the printing block, after this, the printing block proceeds such that the printing pin rotates on the printing block and the printing surface is transferred to the pad roll. Now, the printing pin moves into the drill hole to be printed. The pad roll is expanded. The printing medium is transferred into the drill hole.